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Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 67886844
Closing Date 18 - Dec - 2024  |  245 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Alloy Steel Chains for Unit – IV Scrapper Conveyor Feeders
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 70736010
Closing Date 25 - Sep - 2024  |  161 Days to go View Tender Details
T565_23_removal of Ash From Nalhas #1. T-527/23supp of Var Types of Officefurni #1. O/h of Bulldozer Engine #1. Work of Hiring of Bulldozers #1. T490_23_replacing Damaged Doors #1. Providing & Fixing Clarified Water Tank #1. T-489/22ofc Fault Finding , Term, Laying #1. C&i-iii_t-3503_various Types of Rtd #1. Repairing of Sub-assy.of Bd155 Dozer #1. Work of Reconditioning Gs Tank Aoh 210mw #1. Work of Argon Welding, Scaffolding and E #1. Procurement of Eltra Tga Spares #1. Chp-210 W Rep&maint Ac& Water Cooler #1. Repairs of Louvers Flap Assembly #1. T442_2023_fixing of G.i. Pipe Line #1. Em-210 Overhaul and Internal Inspection #1. Em-210 Work of Complete Rewinding of 200 #1. Annual Comprehensive Health Checkup #1. T_2238/painting of Buildings #1. Tic_t_1780_work of Servicing, Maintenanc #1. Bm-210 Procurement of Air Port Assembly #1. Tici_t_2068_electronic Over Current Rela #1. Chp-660 S_various Grills #1. T47023_providing Sliding Window #1. T-669/23proc Var Spare for Sealair Fan #1. T-706/23proc of Class Housing Outlet Ven #1. T-672/23proc of Triple Screw Luboil Pump #1. T41023_conducting Safety Training #1. Solar_inverterpanel 1mwp Cstps, Chandrap #1. Chp-210 1yr Cont Electronic Weighbridges #1. T-730/23work of Recond of Journala Assem #1. Bmii_t_3229_scrapper Assembly Spares #1. Coalcell_t_1999_environmental Analysis S #1. Bm-660 Servicing of Scaph & Pa/fd Fan #1. T477223providing & Fixing Cement Benches #1. Pro of Metal Insert Oil Seal, Brass Bush #1. Bwc for Maint. of Weigh Bridges & Belt Wzotr Ff_s_spare Partsof Various Fire Extingu #1. T-479/23proc of Plug & Butterfly Vlvs U3 #1. Civil_t1838_amc for Maint of Tusharbag #1. T5642023_clearing Gajar Grass #1. Pr.gen Pest Cont Service at Mspgcl, Mum #1. T-28/23-24_prov & Laying of 300 Mm Dia. #1. T27/23-24_const. of Ucr Compound Wall #1. T--26/23-24_const. of Rcc Stack Yard #1. Supply of Acid Unloading Pump@tm 8 #1. Supply of Cwc Chemicals to Various Tps #1. T25/23-24_const. of Road & Drains #1. T-24/prov. & Const. of Store Complex #1. Civil_t1839_amc for Maint of Garden #1. Chp-mm-660 Stacker Reclaimer Spares #1. Chp-210 Overhauling of Lt Motors #1. Civil-210 Const of Shed at Coal Feeding #1. Supply of Various Seamless Pipes at Gtps #1. Proc of Ht Aux Bearing Temp Gauge #1. Supply of Fasteners for Gt Comb. Chamber #1. T1881/em_i/replacement of Db #1. Amc/t_1881/rewinding/repair6.6kvht #1. T37/23supply Erectio Aviation Lighting #1. Aaq Monitoring By Mobile Van #1. Retrofitting of 415v, 3200amps Lt Breaker #1. Bmii_t_1477amc of Afgc #1. T126/23proc of Dc Wiried Cntl Panne #1.tmi_2208_repairs of Critical Piping #1. T309/23 Proc of Expansion Joints Transf #1. Chp-a/t-1739 Amc Engaging Lcv/muv Vehiclzotr 2 Yr Amc Kone Make Boiler Lift at Em #1. T401/23 Supply Esp Cntrl Kit Bapcon Crtl #1. 2 Yr Awc of O&m of Cw, Rw, Ozonization Plazotr Amc/ceiling Fan/1463/emi #1. Rectification Work S.y. at Doodhganga Hp #1. Rack Fabrication and Erection, Cable Lay #1. Chp-660 S_lighting Material #1. T62923_supply of Fire Proximity Suits #1. Annual Medical Check-up #1. Attending Oil Leakages of 10 Mva Tr-ii #1. Supply of Bulk Chemicals #1. Ultasonic Thickness Survey of Blr Tube #1. Procurement of Rubber Bellows for Uat #1. T20823_wc Cutting, Welding & Fabrication #1. I&c-ii/t-80, Cleaning & Painting #1. T719/23_amc Elect Maint Work at Chp210mw #1. Chp-mm-660 Metal Conditioner for Gear Bo #1. Chp-a/t1760 Amc Prov Tata 407 Arw Maint. #1. Bm- Replacement of Platen Water Wall #1. T263/23work Ahv Cenrl Ac Cleaning #1. Supply & Installation of Edli #1. T63123_scanning Work at Hr Section #1. 600 Mw Ph-ii Ssp on Epc with Land #1. 40 Mw Washim Epc Solar Project #1. Coal Feeder Endless & Zip Type Belt #1. Em-iii_t-53_restoration of Bcw Pump Cra #1. Chp- Revamp Pnemtic&elect Systm of Equip #1. 50 Mw Yavatmal Epc Solar Project #1. Em- 2 Yrs Wc Daily O/p & Cleang of Lift #1. Em- Amc for Attending Defects/brk Down #1. Work Shifting of Material From Other Tps #1. Msa - Providing Serv of Manpower Assist #1. Bm- Paint of Boiler Support Structure #1. Proc of Fsss Spares for U#6 I&c #1. Em-iii_t-2204_work of Sealing of Cable E #1. Chp-660 W_services of 2 No Four Wheelerzotr T61423providing Assistance to Civil Work #1. Chpb/1860/various Idlers #1. Tmiii_t2080_filtration of Frf #1. 2yr Work-providing Vehicle on Hire Basiszotr Testii_scw_smps Microprocessor Battery C #1. Repairing of Low Speed Coupling Hub @bm6 #1. Wtp-ii 1 Yr Work Contract for O&m Ozonis #1. Supply & Install Flow Controller Unit #1. T715/23_airport Assly for Xrp Coalmills #1. T54_24_cleaning of Water Storage Tank #1. Supply of Seal Plates for Whr Boiler Dam #1. Wtp:procurement of Chemicals Reagents #1. Bmiii_t-1303_procurement of Victaulic Co #1. Bmiii_t-1907_procurement of Water Washin #1. Bmii_t_1669_rubber Belts for 36" Volumet #1. Em-210 Comprehensive Maintenance of Boil #1. T72423_amc of Kapil Nagar Water Supply #1. Publishing Advertisement in Newspaper #1. Comprehensive Work of Repairing, Maintena #1. Fabrication of Single Gi
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 70905990
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2024  |  54 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of Handling, Transport Other Mining Services - Percentage Quote Based - Coal Extraction, Extraction of Coal By Intermediate Suitable Technology at Patansaongi Ug Mine of Nagpur Area Qty : 1
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 69886283
Closing Date 30 - May - 2024  |  43 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spare parts 4th Gear, Accelator Paddle, Accelator Wire, Accelator Wire Assembly, Air Cleaner Box, Air Cleaner Hose, Air Cleaner Jacket, Alternator Bearing, Alternator Bearing Plate, Alternator Cutout, Alternator Cutout Vaccume Type, Alternator Foundation, Alternator Oil Seal, Alternator Pully, Alternator Rectifier Plate, Alternator Ring, Alternator Rootar, Alternator Rootar Assembly, Alternator Rootar Commitator, Alternator Sleev Ring, Alternator Sleeve O Ring, Alternator Spring, Alternator Stater, Alternator Vecume Pump Assembly, Axle, Axle Packing, Back Gear, Back Light Bulb, Back Light Relay, Back Mirror, Banjo Washer 10, Bearing, Bearing Shim, Began Bearing Std, Bolt/Nut 10 No, Break Booter, Break Disc, Break House, Break Lining With Rivit, Break Master Cylinder Contaner, Break Master Cylinder Contaner Pipe, Break Master Cylinder Lower, Break Master Cylinder Upper, Break Pad, Break Shoe Lock With Patti Kit, C.R Bearing, C.R Bolt/Nut, C.R Bush, Caliper Assembly, Caliper Pin, Came Dog, Came Guide, Came Katori, Came Shaft Gear, Cheera Pin Dibbi, Cluster Unit Digital, Clutch Cylinder Lower, Clutch Cylinder Upper, Clutch Release Bearing Hub, Clutch Washer, Connecting Rod, Coolent Tank, Counter Gear, Counter Shaft, Crank Shaft, Cronw Thali Washer, Crown Thali, Crown Thali Guccha, Crown Thali Pinion, Dash Bord Complete, Diesel Filter 2 Pin, Diesel Filter Body With Handprimer, Diesel Filter Katora, Diesel Main Pipe, Diesel Main Pipe 2.5 Mt, Diesel Pump Gear, Diesel Tank Nozzle, Digital Meter, Distributer, Distributer Socket, Door Glas Left, Door Glas Right, Door Glass Bidding, Door Glass Machine, Door Kabza, Engine Foundation, Engine Seal Kit, Engine Sleev, Fan Belt, Fan Belt 1280 Jcb, Fan Belt , Fan Relay, Flasher, Fly Wheel Ring, Fly Wheel Ring With Assembly, Front Bumper Bolt, Front Shocker, Fuel Filter Element, Fuse Box Coplete, Gear Box Foundation, Gear Driven With End, Gear Lever Bush Kit, Gear Lever Chidiya, Gear Lever Fork, Gear Lever Tapa Packing, Gear Oil, Gear Selctor Tapa, Half Yoke, Hand Break Lever, Hand Break Lever Kit, Hand Break Wire, Hand Break Wire Assy, Hazard Switch, Head Light, Head Light Relay, Heater Timmer Relay, Hose Pipe Steel Kit, Hyd Distributor, Hyd Pully, Hyd Pump, Hyd Pump Adjuster, Hyd Pump Assy, Hyd Pump Bolt 17 No, Hyd Pump Bolt 27 No, Hyd Pump Elbow, Hyd Pump Foundation, Hyd Pump Packing, Hyd Pump Socket, Hyd Tank New, Kamani U Bolt, Kangan Bearing, Letter Number & Writing, Lt Wire (10 Mm.), Main Bearing, Main Shaft, Main Shaft Bearing, Makhmal Channel, Meter Cable, Mirror Screw, Oil Brazer Cap Normal, Oil Seal Kit, Propellar Shaft Cross, etc for Tata Ace vehicles.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 69284400
Closing Date 29 - May - 2024  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of V-Belt, Deutz Part No.0165-44-010 [ Warranty Period: 9 Months After The Date Of Delivery ]
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 71112693
Closing Date 24 - May - 2024  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of V-belts.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 70636312
Closing Date 20 - May - 2024  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Conveyor Belt- 2000mm X Nn 1000/4, 5+2 Used in Chp, Rtps.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 70636337
Closing Date 17 - May - 2024  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Clean Out Conveyor Gear Box with Motor for 36" Gravimetric Feeder.
Sector Minerals Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.53 Billion approx. / 353.54 Crore
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 70929067
Closing Date 16 - May - 2024  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Design, Engineering, Supply, Storage, Handling at Site, Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Pg Test Including Amc for Shaft Furnishing & Winders for Malanjkhand Underground at Mcp.
Sector Railway Ancillaries Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 71092503
Closing Date 16 - May - 2024  |  29 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Spare Parts For Voltas Fork Lifter, Make Tvs Lucas / Autolec / Bosch 01 Set Consist Of Items S.N. 1 To 7 S.N. Description Part No. Qty. 1.Armature Assly. 26253117 08, 2.Field Coil Assly.26251503 20, 3.Solenoid Switch Assly. 26241589 13, 4.Carbon (Insul Brush) Set 26244149 50, 5.Pinion Assly. (Drive Assly) 26253078 10, 6.Brush Carrier Assly. 26253203 30, 7.Bearing Bushfxg. Brkt. 26250417 50
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